Built in the late 1800’s, this building originally housed the operations of A. Lilly & Co. Ltd. on Bond Street. Having taken ownership of the building in 2008, Impact Construction overhauled major components of the building and completed upgrades and renovations – modeling the ambition project after a renowned housing project in Toronto run by Eva’s Initiatives.

The project was completed in close coordination with Fort Management (led by Paul Foresy), Fougere Menchenton Architecture as well as other partners and associates. The vision for the space evolved throughout the project. What may have been envisioned prematurely as an “apartment” type com­plex, evolved into a series of personal spaces and sleeping rooms all within “one big house”, so the youth residents could feel comfortable in the whole building - from their bedroom to their shared community living spaces.

The design also incorporates sustainable practices and energy efficiency, and the building itself has won the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Architecture, and the Southcott Award from the Newfoundland & Labrador Historic Trust.

Today, the building offers affordable long-term housing for youth (ages 16-24) facing homelessness and is a place where they can engage with individualized support programs. Both the programming and the physical layout of the building promote a sense of community, while maintaining individual home spaces in a youth-friendly environment. On-site staff members work with residents through individual support models aimed at removing lifestyle, housing, educational, and employment barriers in order to help them find security and stability in their lives.